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Prior to his current career, Tranell Morant played as a reserve defensive end for the University of Florida, eventually transferring to Arizona State University to play the defensive end for the Sun Devils. It was at this time that Morant was able to hone skills in leadership and teamwork that would serve as a foundation for his future work in industry. Morant earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Communications during his time spent at Arizona State University and has since forged a successful career in entrepreneurship with skills that lend themselves to project management. While there are many aspects of industry that interest him and he has a proven track record in several marketing disciplines, Tranell’s passion for and success within business innovation is largely what sets him apart from his peers.  This is because innovation will always be necessary within business, and current events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on companies across sectors has emphasized that the need for the introduction of optimized processes, services, and products to control the trajectory of organizations.

Due to his background in Business Communications and career, Morant is frequently asked questions pertaining to the ways he believes businesses may continue to change. He notes that there is a myriad of skills that will need to be adopted by individuals entering the workforce post-pandemic, but some of the major developments he sees on the horizon have to do with the ideals that will be upheld by companies and how employees will work to fit these needs. To this point, a common topic of conversation is what soft skills will be needed by employees to thrive in the rapidly evolving workplace.

One skill that Tranell Morant believes will become even more important in the coming months is the ability to maintain empathy and emotional intelligence through one’s endeavors in business. The pandemic has been a profoundly difficult time for businesses and individuals and being understanding of the obstacles and difficulties associated with operating through this time is paramount. Morant notes that empathy is incredibly relevant in the realm of project management responsibilities, where being understanding of the difficulties businesses are facing plays an instrumental role in developing streamlined ways to lead clients to success. Feeling empathy for what other organizations are going through can help apply a sense of urgency to projects that ensures individuals put in the required effort to bring businesses exactly what they need to see growth and development. Among employees within the same company, empathy is also important because of the ways that it fosters a positive work environment. When employees are cognizant of the feelings of their peers, they are much more likely to collaborate in ways that amount to their success individually and as a team.

As a proponent of business communications, Tranell Morant acknowledges that the way that organizations share information and connect will always be an important factor in the success of business. For this reason, he believes that communication skills and the ability to manage communication channels effectively are important skills as we look to the future of work. There are several reasons for the emphasis of communication in the present. For example, the implementation of several different communication methods while many companies adapted to remote work has made it necessary for employees to understand how and when to use different platforms as well as which platforms work best for each task. Communication is also important for remote work employees or individuals that frequently communicate with team members that are working from home or off-site at other organizations’ offices. This is because, when people are collaborating from different locations, it is always important to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Communication plays such an integral role of in-person and remote communications, and this role will only increase as we continue to see more companies permanently implement some of the methods that they have adapted during COVID.

A skill that has perhaps seen the most growth in demand across sectors is technical savviness, and for a good reason. As many businesses were forced to evaluate their digital capabilities during the pandemic, the consensus was that digital will remain an important aspect of one’s business to invest in for the foreseeable future. Companies across multiple sectors have needed to test their digital capabilities to facilitate remote work for employees, and there are other inherent needs for technical savviness amongst employees. After all, companies need proper websites that can smoothly accommodate customers, content that accurately summarizes goals, services, and testimonials, as well as the means to run analytics on several aspects of the business. While the exact digital skills that are needed may differ among industries or disciplines within said industries, Tranell Morant speaks to how the need for these skills will only grow across business. Because of this, Morant recommends looking into what digital skills are on the rise in the field you are hoping to break ground in and dedicating time and resources to developing them to be a strong candidate for positions.

Tranell Morant recognizes that now, more than ever, it is important for individuals within business to share skills and insights that can help others gain a better understanding of the space. America is undergoing a period of rampant unemployment, the impact of the pandemic is still being felt across industries, and citizens of all age ranges are finding themselves starting from scratch professionally, all emphasizing the need for collaboration amongst industry professionals. To this point, Morant hopes that this website will act as a resource for those that are hoping to build the foundation of a career in business. Future posts will cover a range of topics such as skills that can help budding entrepreneurs distinguish themselves from their peers, how football and other sports can establish a foundational understanding of business at a young age, and what developments are on the forefront of business innovation at this time.