Tranell Morant

Tranell Morant Discusses What Every Organization Should Know about Business Communication

It can be assumed that almost every company and organization is currently looking for new ways to improve their productivity and more quickly reach their quarterly and annual goals. While many companies settle on technological improvements to increase company efficiency, business communication has been shown to be one of the most effective options available for businesses. Tranell Morant, a project management expert, and business communication specialist, has long stressed the connection between how organizations share information and the success of that organization’s projects. Today, Tranell Morant will discuss what organizations should know about business communication and how it can improve their company’s efficiency.

Build Better Teams

One of the most prominent indicators of a successful business is the strength of its teams. When a company is made up of strong, cohesive teams, it can more effectively function and accomplish company goals. What often makes a strong team is their communication. Teams must be able to discuss day-to-day problems and build solutions together without tension or miscommunication. In a positive work atmosphere, employees are more likely to help address project or task issues together and work more effectively as a group.

Increase Employee Productivity 

A number of surveys have found that the average employee spends more than 2.5 hours each day searching for information. This means that each week employees can lose more than a fourth of their workweek searching for information that another employee can provide in a matter of minutes. In order to improve employee productivity, companies must promote better communication not just between teammates but cross-departments as well. In fact, it has been reported that 60% of US workers believe that effective internal business communication can help their current job performance. 

Improve Communication with Remote Workers 

Today, many experts believe that percentage of remote workers will grow exponentially in the upcoming years. According to the Global Mobile Workforce Forecast Update, an estimated 40% of the world’s working population will work remotely by the start of 2022, with figures as high as 75% in developed countries. In order to accommodate this change, businesses must prepare for the new kind of communication and management styles that will be required. Once the majority of the US workforce is working remotely, companies will face several challenges ranging from time zones to cultural barriers. For this reason, TranellMorant recommends companies begin practicing better business communication now in preparation for these changes.

Tranell Morant Discusses the Key Elements of Successful Business Communication

Effective business communication is how employees and management interact and accomplish different projects and tasks. While a large percentage of the American workforce work in a corporate setting, business communication is not widely taught in American high schools and higher education institutions. Business communication is one of the most important tools a professional can possess and is often a major deciding factor when candidates are selected for promotions and leadership positions. Tranell Morant, project management expert, and entrepreneur has recognized that many American businesspeople have had limited exposure to effective business communication and hopes to rectify this oversight. Today, Tranell Morant will discuss several key elements of business communication. 


Perhaps the most crucial aspect of successful business communication is structure. How you structure your communication will significantly impact how well other parties will be able to understand the information. There are three major structural elements to successful communication; opening, body, and close. Whether it be a phone call to a co-worker, an email to a client, or a presentation to a superior, it is crucial that all forms of business communication be structured with these three elements. Opening statements should introduce the information clearly and precisely before providing additional details within the body. A closing statement should review the information given and provide the next steps or follow-up questions. This will allow the listener to remember the information more quickly and follow up with the next steps in the near future. 


Nothing muddies a message more than inconsistencies in information. For another party to fully understand the information provided to them, the information must be consistent and clear. If a business associate is confused by the information provided or finds flaws within the message, they will be less likely to trust the speaker in the future. Before speaking or sending a physical message, review the information you want to communicate to ensure there are no inconsistencies or inaccuracies within your message. 


Almost every professional has experienced a frustratingly ineffective meeting. A large number of managers will use weekly meetings to relay unnecessary information that is often communicated poorly. These meetings do little to improve employees’ work performance and often waste valuable work hours. Perhaps most disappointing is that these meetings should be seen as an opportunity for employees to relay important information to each other using successful business communication. When communicating in the workplace, it is essential to recognize the importance of relevancy and choose what to share at the appropriate time.